Timbar Live concert with Barbaro Fines Fortes y su Mayimbe in Hamburg – Germany 2015

| October 3, 2015



To see Mayimbe live has been on my wish list for a long time – actually since their first release of “ De la Havana a Peru” in 2011. The album just blew my mind away– and not just me but the rest of the world as well. Every time I played any song from this album, people were coming up to me asking who they were. Even the Cubans were asking. It sounded like Cuban music, but they didn’t know the band. Who would have thought Peru could produce such a treasure? Well, I think it was inevitable – it had to come from Peru. For many years, Peru has been a country full of timba. Places like Timbaleo (and probably lots of other places which I am not aware of) were full of timba. Many of the Cuban bands were playing there, sometimes even weeks in a row, bands like Charanga Habanera, Havana D’primera…. The influence from Cuba has been very strong – I clearly remember the first timba I ever heard from Peru, it was “Asi soy yo” with Los Conquistadores (it must have been back in 2007 -2006).



Mayimbe playing in Hamburg was something I would not miss for the world. I have the greatest respect for the organizer, TIMBAR, who dared inviting the band to Hamburg – the risk was never with the band, it was the risk of not getting enough people to come to the concert. Thanks for doing it Timbar 😀
I have no idea, why people stayed at home on a Sunday night in Hamburg, when they could have gone to a concert with Mayimbe. I simply do not understand??? WHY? The band was a BLAST…
With great intensity, the band tuned in a great performance, while having a good time on stage. The 4 singers, Gary Lobatón, Pietro Martín, Fabian Quiala La Mecanica, Rey Sosa, did a great job entertaining the audience with lots of animation and cheering to keep the “kettle boiling”, Fabian even jumped down from the stage and did an animation with the audience. The bass player Norbert was dancing with his baby bass all night long, having a great time… Everybody in the band enjoyed playing at the concert. I lost track of how long the band played – and who cares  they did a fantastic job – all my favourite songs were played. They also played a new song which I, unfortunately, didn’t catch the name of… was it “aguardiente”?
During the years I’ve seen many bands that seemed to have become tired of performing and just do it because it is their job. They play ok, but it is lifeless to look at – Mayimbe was the total opposite of this – they loved what they were doing. After the concert I, of cause, went backstage to get my pictures… and all of those I talked with where very nice and down to earth. Even though there weren’t many people at the concert Mayimbe did a fantastic job. They had a very professional approach, without losing contact to the audience. I hope to see them in my own country, Denmark, someday… if not, I really don’t care how far I have to travel to see this band again..
Finally I would like to pay tribute to Babarito for his ability to write songs and melodies – and most of all his way of arranging the “metales” with the baby bass. I just love it…
I’m really looking forward to hearing the next album of Mayimbe 
Shame on you who didn’t go to the concert! You just missed out one of the best concerts ever!!!!!
Barbaro Fines Fortes y sy Mayimbe is currently :
Barbaro Fines Fortes – Piano/ Director
Fabian Quiala Roman – Singer
Reinaldo Sosa Varona- Singer
Gary Lobaton Orozco – Singer
Pietro Oberto- Besso Moreno- Singer
Norberto Valdez Alpizar- Baby bass
Carlos Arana Saravia – Trombone
Denis Robert Vela Vallejo- Trombone
Rudy Brian Ubilius Moran- Trumpet
Christian Gomez Basilio- Trumpet
Daniel Huaman Velasquez – Congas
Ronald Maguiñan Garcia – Drums/ Timbal
Luis Manuel Sosa Martinez – Guiro

2011- De La Habana A Peru
2013- Mensajeros de Dios
2015- new album on its way

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