Manolito Simonet Y Su Trabuco – Control

| August 2, 2010

Fabulous CD from Manolito – and Amaray is luckily enough still in the band 😉 Earlier this year, rumours were that he was on his way out and had been sighted rehearsing with Los Van Van – uh uh! Well, he may have just been stopping by for coffee – but that wasn‘t part of any of the rumours at that time hehe… Some times rumours are just – rumours. Even I have been the subject of rumours 😉 and I have had to realize that what I write is read and interpreted in many places and in many ways hehe. Anyway, I am reviewing this wonderful CD and not my personal life here…This CD, too, has found room for a potpourri and a real ballad with crooner Andy Montanez.

Actually, two huge hits are found on this CD – one has found its way to my top ten chart, “el relampago“, the other is on Estilo‘s chart, “La Habana me lama“. Both songs are great, and they shake up the dance floor. There has also been made room for a tune from Amaray’s own CD “locos tu besos” , which was released last year largely unnoticed. But after Manolito

has now made a cover of this tune, the difference in class is evident. Manolito really knows his business. And if you really pay attention, you’ll find a 3-5 seconds bit of Issac Delgado’s “La Formular” in the montuno part of “Loco tu beso”… very beautifully immersed. That’s playing at a higher level… Perhaps Issac came around for coffee that day hehehe. (djsalsani)

track list:
Locos Por Tu Besos
La Habana Me Llama
Coleccionista De Canciones
Niebla Del Riachelo (feat. Andy Montañez)
Popurrit (Salidita Contigo, Tu Me Dijiste Mentira, Tu Me Recordarás, Caballo Grande Ande O No Ande, Llegó La Musica Cubana, Linda Melodia)
Güines Que Le Pasa A Tata (feat. Tata Güines)

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