Los Van Van – La Maquinaria | New album 2011

| November 18, 2011

One of my favourites, the legendary cuban band Los Van Van, has released their last album titled la maquinaria. There are 10 tracks with all the arrangements made by Juan Formell and it is the last performance of Mario Mayito Rivera who was replaced by Mandy Cantero. You can find 2 remakes in “Recíbeme” & “Eso que anda”. La Maquinaria was recorded in state-owned EGREM studios.
La Maquinaria (The Machine) is now available for purchase at Prodland.de, soon it will be available in DK. More details to follow.

CD Tracks:

1. La maquinaria (songo)
Autor y arreglista: Juan Formell
Voz solista: Roberton Hernández
Coro Solfa de la Schola Cantorum Coralina Dra. Mailán Ávila
2. Recíbeme (songo)
Autor y arreglista: Juan Formell
Voz solista: Abdel Rasalps “El Lele”

3. Qué tiene ese guajiro (son)
Autor y arreglista: Juan Formell
Voz solista: Yenisel Valdés “Yeni”

4. Mis santos son ustedes (songo)
Autor y arreglista: Mario Rivera “Mayito”
Voz solista: Mario Rivera

5. La bobería (songo)
Autores: Abdel Rasalps y Roberto Carlos Hernández
Voz solista: Abdel Rasalps “El Lele”

6. Eso que anda (songo)
Autor y arreglista: Juan Formell
Voz solista: Roberton Hernández
Voz con efecto: Juan Formell

7. Control (son)
Autor: Juan Carlos Formell
Arreglista: Mario Rivera
Voz solista: Mario Rivera (Mayito)

8. Un año después
Autor y arreglista: Jorge Leliebre
Voz solista: Yenisel Valdés “Yeni”

9. Yo no le temo a la vida
Autor y arreglista: Samuel Formell
Voz solista: Abdel Rasalps “El Lele”

10. Final
Autor y arreglista: Juan Formell
Voz solista: Roberton Hernández

Producción musical: JUAN FORMELL


Los Van Van is a Cuban band led by bassist Juan Formell who has become the most important figure in contemporary Cuban music.
Juan Formell contributed countless innovations to the Cuban bass and clave, which paved the way for a radical reconceptualisation of rhythmic arrangements in Cuban music. The Van Van sound came to be known as songo (based on the son rhythm, and still keeping its syncopation), which laid the base for the later development of timba, a salsa-like rhythm but lacking syncopation.

The band has a Grammy Award to their credit, the 2000 Latin Grammy awarded to the album “Van Van is Here” (Llegó Van Van).

Los Van Van has been a school for outstanding singers and musicians. Past members with successful careers as solo artists include Pedro Calvo, Angel Bonne, Changuito, Cesar “Pupy” Pedroso, Mayito Rivera and others. In 2011, Los Van Van lineup of singers: Roberto Hernandez “Roberton”, Yeni Valdes, Lele Rosales and Armando Mandy Cantero.

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