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| June 3, 2012

Giraldo piloto & Klimax - todo esta bien 2012 dj salsani music djsalsani

Once again Giraldo is back to his crazy rhythm and funky salsa style – his previous cd “Solo Tú Y Yo”, Where a bit more (I think) easy listening for the salsa “ear” well anyway here in Europa – I like the cd and have played it a lot. Otherwise as a dj I don’t play klimax to often – the dancer here just don’t know how to dance to it – perhaps the rhythm seems too difficult? – Any way since the fantastic concert in 02007 in Denmark – Klimax have had a special place in my heart. This new cd has both – the funky salsa beat – hard timba – and nice vocals melodies. My favorites on this cd is
la perlirroja,Que Seria,Lola, and Quiero Salir Esta Noche Contigo .

I bought my copy on -10 $.. cheap, but looking forward to get a hard copy… so all information about the cd can be read. I don’t have any information about singers, musicians or producers etc, which I actually really like to have. But from listening I am guessing that it is not the same as the previously cd. It has another sound and the music is mixed in another way. I can’t find much information about this cd at all 🙁 what a shame – I got some information from Planet Timba about the appearance of the musicians – Thanks 🙂 and I recognize 2 of the singers as formers Charanga Habanera singers Noel Dias – Leonardo Garrido – but the 2 others I don’t know much about. Oscar Reinaldo Correa sings apparently also in Combination De La Habana, and Oscar Trujillo…. don’t anything about him – perhaps someone can fill me in here?

I will definitely recommend the cd – great for listening and if you like funky timba with great breaks and heavy rhythm as a dancer you are in for it. It will sure challenge your skills 🙂 as a dj the are a couple of good numbers to play for the high skills dancers and also for the less experienced. Well Done Piloto – hope to see you and the band once again here in Denmark 🙂

Track list:
1 – La Abusadorsita
2 – La Pelirroja
3 – Que Seria de Mi
4 – La Descarga
5 – Lola
6 – Black Or White
7 – Regresa
8 – Todo Esta Bien
9 – Quiero Salir Esta Noche Contigo
10 – Hay Que Recordar

Giraldo piloto & Klimax - todo esta bien 2012 dj salsani music back cover djsalsani review


1. Giraldo Piloto.- Drums, timbales, maracas
2. Yusef Díaz.- piano (7), y teclados
3. Yandy Martínez.- bajo eléctrico, baby bass, contrabajo
4. Dayramir González.- piano (2, 3, 6, 9)
5. Rolando Luna.- piano (1, 5, 8, 10, 11)
6. Javier Moreno.- piano (4)
7. Julio López.- congas
8. Tomás Ramos (Panga).- congas y percusiones (11)
9. Jean Roberto San Cristóbal.- timbales, bongoes, guiros
10. Alexander Abreu.- 1ª trompeta, y 2ª trompeta (10,11)
11. Alberto Ferro.- 2ª trompeta (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
12. Delvis Ponce.- sax alto (10)
11. César López.- sax alto (11)
13. Gustavo Díaz.- sax tenor (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
14. José Luis Hernández (Chewy) sax tenor (11)
13. Amaury Pérez.- trombones
14. Jorge Luis Chicoy.- guitarras (6, 8,
15. Héctor Manuel Quintana.- guitarra (11)
16. Arturo Cruz.- tres (1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9)
17. Leonardo Garrido.- voz (1, 7,
18. Noel Díaz.- voz (2, 5,
19. Oscar Trujillo.- voz (3, 6,
20. Oscar Reinaldo Correa.- voz (4, 8, 9)



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