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| April 21, 2014

New album of Soneros All Stars “LOLO” is out – And has been for sometimes – but I have been waiting for a real hard-copy cd – call me old fashion but I like real cds – yes even real Vinyl’s 😉 I know that the futures for cds are limited. People prefer mp3s, and plays them on shitty players – small speakers’, lousy copies or low bitrate… Why? What happened with the joy of having the living room full of amplifiers and great speakers? Well anyway today I received a REAL copy of Soneros All Stars new EP LOLO – with Pictures and everything :-).  But unfortunately, no song text in it. My Spanish is very limited so I like to read the lyrics, so I can have a feeling of what it’s all about.

I have been listening to the album for some while now – the first song I heard on the album was La Habana Tiene su meneo – it was made some time ago – I think it was in 2011 – I was djing at the Nordic Salsa camp, Grupo Danson was performing a live concert with Lesmer Solenzar as the lead singer (the former singer in the legendary NG La Banda who invented the TIMBA <3) I did not know him but recognize his voice from the mp3 I had as a promotions, La Habana Tiene Su Meneo from Janne Bogdan ( the founder of Soneros All Stars) This is what I absolutely LOVE about Cuban music … these “incident” happens all the time – People no one knows (sadly enough) so talented but so anonymous here in Europa (or is it only in my country Denmark ?) sorry I seem to wandering out on a limp with this review but I think there is so many stories to be told about this wonderful music – people who have earn respect and acknowledgement for their talented gift as a performer, musician or artist.

At this cd some of Cubans best musician participate as mentions Lesmer – but also El Indio (ex manolito y su Trabuco )Calixto,(ex NG La Banda) Richard Ortega( Ex Azucar Negra now present with his own band La jugada in Sweden) El Niño (ex Elio Reve) and so on, all mixed in a great cocktail which I think Janne really knows how to do – This time Janne also have been using some of the greatest musician from Europa.


Special it is worth to mentions, Martin Lehner, who is the founder of the excellent band EL Zorro which have a couple of cds in their pocket – (and really great ones – buy them if you don’t have the yet – it has been a while since Martin have been doing his own salsa – but perhaps we can hope that something is on its way ? )Also appearing on trumpet is Petter Linde (Calle Real) I kinda like the idea that musician in Europa are gathering together for making music, we have so many talented people here. I once in another review suggested – Janne, Martin and Vitaly should share a bottle of rum, and I am happy to see that Janne and Martin did it, so perhaps who knows next time? Anyway it must have been a long way to finish this EP and perhaps there for only 6 songs, but 6 really great songs – my favorite song right now is “Homenaje a la rumba” – last week it was the title song “Lolo”. It is great for dancing, or just listening. Great album Janne! I am really looking forward to the next 6 songs 😀 Well done album and I highly recommend it.

soneros-all-stars-lolo-2014-new-album-dj-salsani-djsalsani.comThe previously album “La timba soy yo” is one of my all-time favorite and also very popular among the salsa dancers here in DK and I know that this album also will be popular among them. It has a good sound and a perfect variation of tempo to please the listener and the dancers. My heart beats for Cuban Timba and I always get so happy when the music succeeds with the style and sound – and with well written songs with great potentials. Janne has resently been visited Cuba to record a new album – (or perhaps side 2 of LOLO, if LOLO was to come out as a collector item Vinyl for old fashions like myself – oh boy would I love that <3) The album is available in Itunes for less than a cup of coffee at Starbuck and for at hard copy in some days at You can listen to the whole album at BUY IT AND SUPPORT THE ARTISTS

Track list:
Homenaje A La Rumba
Soy Amigo
La Habana Tiene Sú Meneo
Ya Te Olvide
Limpia Mi Son
Janne Bogdan – Bass/Tres/Keyboards
Calixto Oviedo – Percussion
Richard Ortega – Piano
Oldrich Gonsalez – piano
Patrik Skogh – Trumpet
Klas Nilsson – Trumpet
Petter Linde – Trumpet
Nino Fernandes – Trumpet
Patrick Cornelius – Alto Saxophone
Martin Richard Lehner – Trombone
Pascual Matos – Voice
Emilio Frias Pena “El Niño” – Voice
Lesmer Solenzar – Voice
Enrique castellanos – Voice
Pedro Lugo Martinez – Voice –


Kind Regards

Dj Salsani

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